So previously, it started off with just selling stickers casually, and then slowly moving onto clothing; casually. So therefore we took a casual approach; not as high quality stock, cheaper processes (not the best ways of storing items, basic packaging and just not a general 'get this out fast' mentality a business should have; but i didn't see it is a 'business'.. now i realise what we have here; a business.

So i closed down the old store, whilst i turn this into; a business. So here are some of the things you will see on the new launch;

- Higher Quality Clothing
- Higher Quality and Wider Range of Vinyl
- New Cleaner Logos and Styles
- Better Quality Printing
- Personalised Cards With Every Order
- Fast Delivery
- Professional Packaging
- Better Website Design and Layout
- Professional Modelling and Photography
- Quicker and Easier Communication with Enquiries
- Stickers and Clothing Will Be Sent Out Together

How is all this happening? We are working alongside a reputable company, having constant meetings and striving towards new ideas and improvement. Will this cost any more? For us; yes, but you as customers will not see any of the price increase reflect on your product!

So i hope you look forward to the new Lockwood Store!