Lockwood ‘Era’ Khaki Green Jumper


The newest edition to the Lockwood Attire Range; the ‘Era’ Jumpers. The new era of clothing consists of extravagant, bright unusual colours; so we have released our own touch on the new era.

These jumpers are super soft, super comfortable, super sleek and super affordable 😉

The 50% cotton/50% polyester allows and fluffy feel but with a clean sharp look.

Sizes are personally on the big side. For jumpers I personally (Lee) have a large as I like them to be a little baggier and fit over any Tee’s I have on; but these I found to be a little too big in a large. So treat these as if you were buying a T-Shirt.

So my advice would be to order the size you wear for Tee’s.

For people who are usually a XXL. An XL in these will be fine.